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Hello lovelies,

Apologies for not putting a post up in the week, hopefully this post will explain why. If you've read one of these "Lets Talk About" posts before you'll know that me and my best friend Jess collaborate on blog posts to talk about a variety a topics. This week we've gone a bit more rogue, and although our posts are similar in nature, we both really wanted a post that we could just ramble about our feelings - my brain couldn't possibly compose a coherent thought, so this one might be a bit all over the place, sorry !

If you're new here you might no know that i'm in my third year of university, which basically means i'm functioning with my stress levels at 100%. Although some of the pressure has been taken off by managing to get a job lined up for when I graduate, there is still a million and 1 things I need to do before that actually happens. With trying to complete my assignments and my dissertation, while keeping a night shift job a feel like i'm swamped with work! On top of that i'm trying to orchestrate moving in with Ross when i graduate, which is stressful in itself!

I had a moment this week where I honestly just wanted to book a weekend away, throw my phone away and get anyway from (almost) everyone for a bit. I lie awake at night just glaring at my phone screen, and it's addictive. It's not even like I post many things myself, i just lie there scrolling and scrolling. I'm hoping to go away with Ross this weekend to hopefully allow us both to completely switch off. The next few weeks are going to be crazy with house viewings and appointments at estate agents and banks etc, so we both want to take advantage of the last free weekend we have before moving in together.

As for my work, I've been managing better, I've broken everything I've got to do down into as many small tasks as possible, so even though my list of things to do appears longer, i'm getting more of it done because I'm not feeling overwhelmed by large tasks. For example 'clean room' can be broken down into tasks such as 'make bed', 'tidy desk','do laundry', 'vacuum', just little tasks that can be accomplished easily and fairly quickly. I've found breaking things down in this way really help me, so if you're also feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you've got to do, maybe give it a try!

Overall, i'm in a better place now than I was a week ago and i'm finding things easier to manage. I do think a weekend away is still very much needed, and I might even try to have a social media detox while i'm there. In general though this feeling of being overwhelmed has been brought on by a lot of exciting things so I shouldn't complain too much. I'll hopefully have some exciting blog posts coming for you soon! Don't forget to check out Jess' post on 'taking a break' here

Thanks for reading,

A much less stressed,


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