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Why am I writing a blog post at 2am on a Monday morning? Because procrastination, that's why. Plus, i have a snoring Ross-osaurus sleeping next to me that is very rudely keeping me awake! After a  chat and some blogging inspiration from my bestest chum we ended up looking at our blogging stats, and while I'm not overly concerned with the amount of views my blog gets, it's nice knowing that it is being seen somewhere. To my surprise, i realise that my blog is being viewed all over the place; America, Australia, Russia, Germany and many others, not just the U.K! Now I'm no idiot, I know how these things work and the likelihood that all these people are regular readers that purposely came to my blog is slim to non, and while I'd love to think they all are, that is not actually the thing that fascinated me. What i found interesting is that this is the first time that I've probably been able to put the scale of the Internet into perspective. I know that sounds silly because the Internet is enormous, but hear me out.

Consider this for a second, you are on the beach in the U,K writing a letter in which you put your telephone number. You then put this letter in a bottle and throw it out to sea, you then seconds later receive a phone call from Australia saying they've just receive your letter. An odd concept to think of right ? It's mind boggling how we can write something, hit the 'send' or 'upload' button and it is instantly available all around the world ! As a business student I am encouraged to look into the progression of technology and consider where it might be in the future, but if current digital technologies are incomprehensible to me, how am i supposed to be able to consider where they will be in 10, or even 5 years time ? Madness.

I understand the concept of a viral video being shared on Facebook being seen globally, but a blog post by little old me? Scary stuff! It's made my tiny little world feel a whole lot bigger!

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